Ericsson Nikola Tesla wins EUR37 million GSM deal from Ipko Net

27 Jun 2007

Ipko Net, Kosovo’s recently licensed wireless operator, has announced that it has selected Ericsson Nikola Tesla, the Croatian arm of the Swedish giant, to roll out a new GSM network that will cover the whole of Kosovo. Ipko Net, a subsidiary of Telekom Slovenije, was awarded a wireless concession in March this year by the Kosovo Telecommunications Agency. The frame agreement is valued at EUR37 million and covers the supply, implementation and operation of the GSM communications and transmission system as well as related services.

Infrastructure rollout is expected to begin immediately, with the launch of the network planned for the end of the year. Priority will be to achieve coverage of the large cities, but the plan envisages expanding the footprint to the whole of the Kosovan territory within three years.

Serbia, Ericsson, IPKO