Chunghwa: new phones are boosting 3G

27 Jun 2007

Taiwan’s largest fixed line and cellular operator, Chunghwa Telecom, has said the launch of new 3G smartphones with Microsoft software has boosted the take-up of next generation services. A report from AFP quoted Chang Feng-hsiung, EVP of Chunghwa Telecom, who said: ‘Since the introduction of our latest Microsoft (Windows) Mobile handset earlier this month, we have been getting an average of around 7,000 new clients for our 3G service daily.’ He added: ‘We, at present, have 1.4 million subscribers for our 3G service. The Microsoft (Windows) Mobile handsets should help us achieve or surpass our target of 2.2 million 3G subscribers at the end of this year.’ The new phones, which were developed by local manufacturer Dopod International, use the Windows Mobile 6 operating system.

Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom