TT&T’s IPTV to go nationwide this year

25 Jun 2007

Thailand’s largest provincial telco TT&T has begun marketing commercial IPTV services in selected areas ahead of a planned nationwide launch in the fourth quarter of this year, reports the Bangkok Post. TT&T on Friday began a roadshow in Chiang Mai to promote its IPTV service. It will travel to other cities this week. TT&T is the third operator to provide IPTV in Thailand after ADC, a TOT-AIS joint venture, and True Corp. TT&T’s IPTV service, delivered over xDSL lines, enables users to watch television and real-time video-on-demand while simultaneously making telephone calls and surfing the internet. The company plans to offer twelve free channels, including the six free TV channels plus locally developed news programmes and documentaries, stock analysis and entertainment. It has invested THB200 million to build IPTV infrastructure and develop content. ‘We expect to have at least 20,000 subscribers by the end of next year, pitching to our existing 300,000 broadband customers mainly in the provinces,’ said Prasitchai Kritsanayunyong, senior vice-president for corporate finance. The company has also earmarked THB1 billion (USD31 million) for the introduction of ‘quadruple-play’ services (fixed line voice, broadband internet, TV and mobile WiMAX, dependent on receiving necessary licences).

Thailand, Triple T Broadband (3BB)