NCA to get tough with failing telecoms providers

22 Jun 2007

Following a wave of complaints from users, Ghana’s telecoms regulator the National Communications Authority (NCA) says it is stepping up efforts to monitor and evaluate the performance of the country’s telecom service providers in a bid to improve performance. According to reports in the newspaper, The Accra Mail, the Minister of Communications Prof Mike Ocquaye has said that ultimatums have been sent to all telcos to ‘remedy all quality of service impediments by the close of July this year, failure of which the NCA will apply in full all the requisite sanctions.’

The minister went on to say that the government was committed to providing universal access under the ambit of the National Telecom Policy, and that it was working with the Chinese to secure USD150 million towards a project to improve access and reduce the so-called ‘rural-urban digital divide’.

In a related story, the government minister said the administration was looking to sell off two-thirds of its shares in national fixed line and mobile operator Ghana Telecom (GT) to a strategic investor, which it hopes can inject much needed capital to improve telecoms access. Oquaye revealed that a committee has completed the plan for the divestiture of the state’s 100% shareholding in GT.

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