Can you digit?

22 Jun 2007

BNamericas reports that Uruguayan telecoms regulator URSEC has approved a plan to add an extra digit to all fixed line numbers in the country, bringing them to eight digits. Under the new numbering scheme, fixed line customers in Montevideo will have to add a ‘2’ before the existing number, while in the rest of the country callers will have to add a ‘4’ plus the area code. The deadline set by the watchdog to modify the numbering is June 2010. State-owned telecoms operator Antel’s VP Edgardo Carvalho said the company will cooperate with URSEC, despite initially opposing the plan as unnecessary due to the low demand for new fixed line numbers in the country. Antel reported 990,000 fixed line customers at the end of March 2007, down from a peak of just over a million at the end of 2005, according to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database.

Uruguay, Antel