Fijian government rubber stamps new VoIP policy

21 Jun 2007

According to reports in local online newspaper Fijilive, the Fijian Cabinet has approved a new voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) policy which will allow the provision of IP telephony services in the country. The communications minister Taito Waradi said the policy will ensure that VoIP services can be provided to consumers without encroaching on the existing exclusivities issued to Telecom Fiji and Fiji International Telecommunications Limited (FINTEL). The liberalisation of the VoIP segment will ‘unlock the potential’ of the nation’s telecoms infrastructure and help promote the proliferation of broadband internet services, he added. Under the government’s new policy, VoIP services will be defined and classified clearly and distinctly from those covered under the exclusivity licences held by the two operators. ‘There will be creation of a licensing scheme or schemes with appropriate terms and conditions for VoIP service providers,’ Waradi said. ‘The policy will also ensure that the key public interests of access to emergency services, quality of service through VoIP and universal service and rural telecommunications development are safeguarded through licence obligations,’ he went on to say.