EC calls for voluntary backing of DVB-H before it makes it compulsory

19 Jun 2007

The European Commission has urged national governments and market players to take up DVB-H as the single standard for mobile television in the 27-nation European Union. The call does not at present constitute a legal mandate to use DVB-H to broadcast TV over a wireless handheld device, although the EC, which has a great fondness for legislating, said it may propose binding rules next year, requiring the exclusive use of DVB-H in the European Union. The EC, the Brussels-based executive and regulatory branch of the EU, said it is ‘simply giving the market the clear signal that it should move voluntarily, but quickly, to a single standard.’ In a statement, it said a single standard will ensure interoperability for the emerging market, will help spur internal demand for mobile TV and will overcome differing rules and regulation for telecoms across the EU, adding that ‘the Commission sees a strong risk of market fragmentation in Europe, due to many technical options for mobile TV. Only a common European strategy… will enable consumers and industry to reap the full benefits of economy of scale.’ Other mobile TV platforms being developed in Europe include T-DMB (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting).