Universal service fund started

18 Jun 2007

BNamericas, quoting newspaper El Cronista, writes that Argentine telecommunications ministry Secretaría de Comunicaciones (SeCom) has ordered telcos to start contributing 1% of their revenues to a universal service fund to help finance telecommunications infrastructure in areas with sparse coverage. Resolution 80/2007 published on 14 June in the country’s official gazette stipulates that the measure will come into effect in July. Telecoms operators are expected to make their deposits in local bank Banco Nación until the universal service fiduciary fund is created. The obligation to set up a universal fund to provide telecommunications infrastructure to underpopulated areas or areas not considered profitable was stipulated in a government decree issued in 2000, though regulations have not been published until now. According to the resolution, SeCom and local telecommunications regulator Comisión Nacional de Comunicaciones (CNC) will form a commission that will administer the fund.