Sprint considering WiMAX spin-off

18 Jun 2007

Sprint Nextel is reported to be considering a number of possible strategies for its nascent WiMAX operations, including partnerships with other operators or even a spin-off. The Wall Street Journal suggests that Sprint is in talks with the other main WiMAX spectrum holder in the US, Clearwire, with a view to creating a joint national network. There are also suggestions that Sprint could separate its WiMAX operations from its core cellular business to ease shareholder fears that WiMAX might end up as a costly flop. Another possibility cited by the paper is a tie-up with a firm which has no WiMAX spectrum; reports suggest cable operator Time Warner has been in negotiations with Sprint over just such an alliance. Sprint Nextel aims to get its first 802.16e mobile WiMAX networks into service Chicago and Washington DC in the fourth quarter of this year, with a wider national launch scheduled for 2008.