Government looks at BPL possibilities

15 Jun 2007

Ecuador’s government has signed agreements with two electricity utilities, Centrosur and Empresa Eléctrica Quito, to study the feasibility of offering broadband over power lines (BPL) services, reports BNamericas, quoting an official statement. One agreement, signed in the city of Cuenca by Centrosur and the energy and mines ministry, states that Centrosur and the government will coordinate efforts to determine the financial feasibility of the project and later implement a pilot BPL programme in the city. The utility expects the pilot network to be fully operational in 18 months, according to the statement. Energy minister Alberto Acosta said of the projects: ‘[Internet] connectivity in Ecuador is one of the lowest in the region, while the electric power network is extensive. If technology exists that can help narrow the digital divide using electric power infrastructure, we are going to explore and support that option as we believe that energy and access to information are basic citizen rights that are necessary for development.’