US customers keen to buy Wi-Fi ready cellphones

14 Jun 2007

A survey by market research firm In-Stat has found that almost half of US ‘early adopters’ plan to replace their mobile handsets with a Wi-Fi-enabled replacement when the time comes. The industry is gearing up for a surge in demand for Wi-Fi capable phones and by the end of 2007 around 100 different models are expected to be commercial available. ‘In the years ahead, dual-mode VoIP-capable phone systems will have increasing competition from other technologies, like femtocells for cellular coverage, but widespread Wi-Fi deployment and the variety of Wi-Fi/cellular handsets offers Wi-Fi/cellular-based systems a significant head start in the market,’ says Allen Nogee, In-Stat Principal Analyst. Nogee went on to say that while technologies such as WiMAX and Ultra Wideband will have a part to play, Wi-Fi over cellular will fill a niche market that these technologies ‘cannot match’.

United States