Taiwan receives 13 WiMAX applications

12 Jun 2007

The Taiwanese government has received 13 applications for the six regional WiMAX licences it has on offer. Bidders include the island’s three main cellular operators, Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone and Taiwan Mobile, plus local equipment manufacturer Tecom, which is bidding in partnership with 3G operator Vibo, and electronics firm Tatung. Fixed line operator Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom and PHS provider Fitel have also submitted applications, according to a statement from the National Communications Commission.

Three of the available 2.5GHz concessions cover northern Taiwan, while the other three cover the south of the country. Six of the 13 bidders have made applications for licences in both the north and the south, Dow Jones reports. The licences will be valid for six years and operators will be permitted to form partnerships with other licence winners to create a national footprint. Two concessions will be reserved for new entrants. The winning bidders are expected to be announced by the end of next month.