eircom’s customer charm offensive paying off

12 Jun 2007

According to SiliconRepublic.com citing a recent survey by Amarach Consulting, eircom’s strategy to win back customers in the fixed line market appears to be bearing dividends. The former monopoly not only controls around four-fifths of the market, but around 30% of those who switched to a rival service provider have returned to eircom, citing poor service as the primary reason. In addition, 22% of respondents who initially cancelled their eircom account reported no significant savings with their new supplier, while a further 23% were enticed back to the incumbent by an eircom sales representative. The survey also found that 15% of people asked were ‘fairly dissatisfied’ with the total cost of their fixed line service, which is perhaps a reason why so few people signed up for services in 2006, and why fixed line penetration in the Republic has dipped to around 70% in recent years.

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