UK-based Euphony enters Czech fixed line market

5 Jun 2007

UK-based telecoms reseller Euphony has announced the launch of commercial fixed line and ADSL services in the Czech Republic, reports the Prague Daily Monitor. In a press statement the company said it was offering fixed voice telephony services and ADSL internet access at prices 30% less than those charged by the competition in the country. In addition, it hopes to begin offering GSM mobile services from the autumn, and in future also wants to enter the power utilities and financial services markets.

At launch the newcomer is offering fixed line calls priced at CZK1.25 (USD0.059) a minute at peak times and CZK0.75 (USD0.035) a minute off-peak. This compares with national PTO Telefónica O2 CR which offers calls at CZK1.58/minute (peak-rate) and CZK0.75/minute off-peak in its Standard programme tariff.

Euphony commenced operations in the UK in January 1998, reselling telephony services to the general public. In 2001 it expanded operations into Europe, and today offers services in eight European countries – Ireland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic. Its core business is the resale of land line (CPS) telephony, internet access (dial-up and ADSL), pre- and post-paid mobile, and energy services (gas/electricity) to residential users and the small business sector. Euphony generated sales worth GBP103 million in 2006. It has 29,000 clients in the Czech Republic which it took over after buying alternative operator Option One early this year. It does not own or intend to build its own network infrastructure, but buys capacity from other carriers – in this case GTS Novera. Euphony also has plans to enter the Slovak market ‘soon’, says the Prague Daily Monitor.

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