Vivo wants nationwide coverage, says Granadeiro

31 May 2007

Portugal Telecom chairman Henrique Granadeiro said that Vivo, its joint venture mobile operator in Brazil with Telefonica, is looking to achieve a national footprint. According to AFX news, the PT chairman sees the target as key to its battle with rival operators. ‘The thing that concerns us the most is national coverage, so that the operator can compete on an equal footing with his competitors,’ Granadeiro said. Until it achieves its goal, Vivo believes its business is being hampered by higher roaming costs and a lack of mobility. Vivo, a leading mobile operator in Brazil, currently has a presence in 19 out of 26 states and the capital Brasilia. Granadeiro hopes that Vivo will be awarded additional concessions when the regulator Anatel launches a new tender next month.