Unity Media’s revenues up 30%

25 May 2007

German triple-play cableco Unity Media’s total revenues grew by over 30% year-on-year to EUR181 million (USD243 million) in the first quarter of 2007, driven by a 9% increase in total revenue generating units (RGUs) to 5.6 million, while EBITDA climbed 17.6% to EUR81 million. Blended ARPU was up 37% on the year-ago period at EUR10.80. Four million homes, or 47% of homes covered by Unity’s network, had been upgraded to triple-play capability by 31 March, which the company expects to increase to 66%, or 5.7 million homes, by the end of 2007. In the three months to 31 March, high speed internet RGUs increased to 151,000, up from 42,000 a year ago, whilst telephony RGUs rose by 59,000 in twelve months to reach 79,000. Basic cable subscribers stood at 4.886 million at the end of March, down 1% from the end of 1Q2006, but digital TV customers climbed from 140,100 to 491,600 in the same period. Cologne-based Unity Media is the largest cable network operator in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. Earlier this week it rebranded its ish, iesy and Tele Columbus West cable units under the Unitymedia banner.

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