BT Spain records strong growth; calls on CMT to adapt UK model

24 May 2007

BT Spain has announced a record revenue figure of EUR466 million (USD627.2 million) for the year ending March 2007, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year and helping to boost EBITDA by 24%. According to the latest report from the Telecoms Market Commisssion (CMT), BT Spain leads the way for new operators in the corporate data transmission market with a 19% market share.

In related news, BT is asking the CMT to break up Telefónica’s telecoms network and adapt the model used in the UK, reports Cinco Dias citing Luis Alvarez and Jacinto Cavestany – BT directors in Spain. According to BT, Telefónica should create a new unit to own and operate the network. Cinco Dias goes on to quote unnamed sector sources as saying that CMT is receptive to the idea as it is the model outlined by the European Commission to boost competition in countries with former telecom monopolies.

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