NTA baulks at Nepal Telecom’s ‘illegal’ 3G subscription fee

21 May 2007

According to a report from Kantipur Online, Nepal’s telecoms regulator, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), has objected strongly to Nepal Telecom (NT) setting a new subscription fee for 3G mobile services without its permission. A spokesperson for the watchdog says that under the Telecommunications Act prices levied by a service provider must first be approved by the NTA and the rates published as directed by the agency. NT launched its new 3G network last Thursday, setting a fee of NPR4,195 (USD64.50) per month. However, the NTA says it only approved a fee of NPR1,135, which included subscription charge and national usage charge. The regulator has asked NT to explain its actions, without success, and the operator so far remains defiant, saying it has not broken any rules. ‘Although we have not taken the permission to charge NPR4,195, we have sought approval to accumulate NPR1,135. And, in both the cases, the subscription fee was fixed at NPR500 (excluding taxes). The rest of the amount was levied as national usage charge, meaning the customers can use the money to make calls or use internet service,’ said NT spokesperson Surendra Prasad Thikey.

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)