MGTS revises long-distance regime

15 May 2007

Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS), the largest fixed line operator in the Russian capital, has introduced a new system for long-distance calls under which customers must now specify which carrier they want to handle the call. The new system replaces the previous regime under which all calls were automatically routed via the networks of former long-distance monopolist Rostelecom. MGTS customers are now asked whether they want calls to be carried by Rostelecom or by rival operators Multiregional TransitTelecom (MTT) or Golden Telecom. Though the revised system will be of obvious benefit the new entrants, Rostelecom says it intends to work hard to keep its long-distance customers. Local website C-News reports that it is planning to offer users a carrier pre-select option under which it will be the automatic choice for long-distance calls.