Liberty Global reports 1Q results

11 May 2007

Colorado-based Liberty Global has announced that in the three months ended 31 March 2007 it recorded an operating income of USD181.8 million, more than double the USD90.5 million figure posted in the same quarter of 2006. Revenues jumped from USD1.49 billion to USD2.11 billion, although net income slid from USD268.2 million to a loss of USD136.1 million as a aresult of higher interest expenses and losses on financial and derivative instruments. At the end of the quarter Liberty claimed a total of 22.8 million revenue generating units (RGUs), with 14.7 million video, 4.8 million broadband internet and 3.3 million telephony subscribers. Liberty Global operations include UPC Broadband (The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia), Telenet (Belgium), J:COM (Japan), VTR (Chile) and Austar (Australia).

Liberty Global (incl. LGI)