Portugal wants to introduce EU ‘super regulator’

10 May 2007

Mario Lino, the Portuguese public works minister, yesterday announced that the country will use its forthcoming European Union presidency to launch a single ‘super regulator’ to oversee the telecoms industry across all 27 EU member states. The minister said that the creation of a centralised telecoms watchdog would be a ‘priority’ for the presidency, which begins in July. The current framework for EU telecoms regulation is due to run until 2010, under the supervision of the European Regulators Group of member countries’ national watchdogs. The minister’s pledge follows a series of complaints from Viviane Reding, the EU information society commissioner, who has repeatedly argued that existing regulations are not applied consistently by national regulators across the EU. She was blocked earlier this week in an attempt to force through new regulations on the maximum international roaming fees mobile network operators may charge customers in EU countries.