Cedarcom to offer ADSL based on Nokia-Siemens platform

9 May 2007

Lebanese wireless internet and data provider Cedarcom (Mobi) has announced that it has formed a partnership with Nokia-Siemens Networks to roll out ADSL services. ‘Through this partnership, Cedarcom will have the opportunity to become a leading ADSL carrier in addition to its leading position as a fixed and mobile broadband wireless access carrier,’ said Imad Tarabay, Chairman and CEO of Cedarcom, in statement. He continued: ‘Cedarcom will be among the first data operators to offer ADSL services and we will start this service in the coming weeks, covering 36 exchanges all over Lebanon. Our excellent relationships with Nokia-Siemens Networks will add value to our proposition in delivery of future value added services… After the successful launch of Mobi – mobile broadband internet using pre-802.20 standards, and the high demand that users had for Mobi, it became obvious to us that ADSL will be the next big success… Lebanon will increase its internet penetration rates to reach levels of 40% within two years. This translates to around 1.6 million internet users by 2009. Cedarcom will certainly position itself as the leading broadband carrier offering mobile broadband services, xDSL Services and fixed broadband wireless services… The mix of products and services that Cedarcom offers today, in addition to ADSL, will place Cedarcom in a unique market position, offering fixed broadband wireless services based on WiMAX standards, mobile broadband wireless services (Mobi) based on pre-802.20 standards, and xDSL.’

Lebanon, Cedarcom (Mobi)