announces 2006 results

26 Apr 2007

German fixed line operator and ISP has released its full year results for 2006, following the completion of the merger with mobilcom on 2 March 2007. Revenues increased slightly from EUR2.051 billion (USD2.554 billion) in 2005 to EUR2.055 billion (USD2.582 billion) in 2006, despite lower mobile revenues and price pressure on the fixed telephony and DSL markets. Fixed line and internet revenues increased from EUR700.8 million in 2005 to EUR 725.5 million in 2006 and mobile revenues dropped slightly from EUR1.35 billion in 2005 to EUR1.329 billion in 2006. Gross profit decreased from EUR490.6 million to EUR465.8 million, due to higher growth costs. EBITDA also decreased from EUR172.2 million in 2005 to EUR147 million, despite a higher EBITDA for mobile activities. Freenet mobile subscriber base increased in 2006 from 4.82 million at the start of January to 5.10 million at the end of December. Of these, 2.75 million are post-paid users and 2.35 million are pre-paid. The firm signed up 300,000 new DSL customers in 2006, taking its total to one million at the year end and meeting its original target. freenet also reported two million dial-up internet users and three million telephony subscribers at the end of 2006.

Germany, freenet