Germany ready to issue DVB-H spectrum

23 Apr 2007

Head of the German regulator BNetzA, Matthias Kurth, said it was ready to allocate frequencies for the mobile TV standard DVB-H and that a call for bids would be published on Wednesday. The European Union is pushing member states to adopt a single standard for mobile TV and its telecoms chief supports DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld). 17 of the 22 member states that have mobile TV use DVB-H. The other five use the DMB (Digital multimedia broadcasting) standard. In Germany both standards are in use in different regions, because of the limited availability of spectrum — DVB-H uses the same frequency range as terrestrial digital television. Many network operators and MVNOs already sell mobile television over their third generation networks, but picture quality and the number of channels are limited. Cellcos are hoping that additional income from mobile TV services will compensate for declining sales of voice calls.