TransTelecom to launch NGN across Russia

20 Apr 2007

Huawei Technologies has announced that it is to build Russia’s first ‘national’ next-generation network (NGN) for long-distance and international service provider TransTelecom. According to a statement from the Chinese technology firm, the IP network is to carry both international and domestic users’ international and long-distance voice traffic and will span nine time zones from Europe to Asia. Covering 170 million square kilometres, the VoIP network is aimed at reducing transmission costs as well as further evolution towards an all-IP network. Oleg Mamontov, vice president of TransTelecom and chairman of the toll network, commented: ‘With the joint effort of TransTelecom and Huawei, we have brought in the NGN technology and deployed a large-scale network, as well as accumulating experience in constructing and operating a country-level NGN communication network. Based on this network, we will be able to provide network services of higher quality and… greater diversity.’

Russia, Huawei Technologies