Celtel Congo awards Ceragon contract

20 Apr 2007

Ceragon Networks, a provider of high-capacity wireless backhaul solutions, has announced that Celtel International has selected its FibeAir 1500HP equipment for deployment on its network in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Ceragon’s solution will enable Celtel to cover large distances with fewer installations, significantly reducing infrastructure costs. The value of the contract is USD3 million. ‘Celtel faced the challenge of finding a cost-effective solution that would reduce infrastructure costs while facilitating remote management for each area of service,’ said Thibeault De La Barre De Nanteuil, Chief Technical Officer at Celtel Congo. ‘Ceragon Networks is meeting the challenge with their FibeAir 1500HP, a long-haul solution covering distances greater than 43 miles, which is mission-critical in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa’s third largest country.’

Congo, Dem. Rep., Airtel Congo