VoIP, VoIP and away!

18 Apr 2007

BNamericas, quoting a study by local consultancy Prince and Cooke, has reported that 38.5% of Argentine companies were using IP telephony at the end of March 2007, compared with 31.1% three months earlier. At the end of 2004, only 4.8% of corporations had been using voice-over internet protocol (VoIP), a figure that rose to 19.4% by end-2005. The study found that another 18% plan to adopt the technology in the next twelve months, mainly to reduce costs and to improve quality of service. The use of VoIP is higher in companies with more than 500 employees, with a penetration of 51%, while in firms with 200-499 employees, penetration reached 33%, and in businesses with less than 200 employees, the figure is 23%.