Telkom to reach rural areas with wireless

17 Apr 2007

Telkom Kenya says it is using CDMA-based fixed wireless access technology to reach villages in eleven districts in the north and west of the country. Nairobi newspaper The Nation quotes Telkom regional manager Christine Kihalangwa who says that rural areas in the North Rift region will be connected to the wireless network by the end of next month. The new system will bring communications services to some villages for the first time, as there is currently no fixed line network or cellular coverage in some parts. Handsets for the Telkom Wireless service cost KES3,999 (USD58), while calls cost KES5.50 (USD0.08) per minute. Telkom, which has a virtual monopoly in the country’s fixed line market, says the use of the wireless system will also reduce vandalism and prevent cable theft, saving it around KES4 million a month.

Kenya, Telkom Kenya