Digiweb issued with ‘088’ prefix to support mobile broadband launch

10 Apr 2007

Irish alternative operator Digiweb has been issued with the ‘088’ prefix code by the regulator ComReg, ahead of its planned launch of mobile data services in the Republic. The operator was recently awarded a national Wideband Digital Mobile Data Service licence (WDMS) and plans to offer ‘4G’ mobile broadband access ‘from the heart of the largest towns and cities, into the deepest rural community’. A spokesperson for the company told siliconrepublic.com, ‘Basically 3G is a network for voice, whereas 4G is built for data, which means low latency, very good broadband speeds, and should fully support voice and mobile’. Digiweb plans to offer mobile broadband and voice calls within the next 18 months. It hopes to take advantage of the lower rollout costs afforded by deploying a network based on the 862MHz band which enables bigger cell sites and can cover an area of 40km from one base station. The ‘088’ prefix was originally attached to Ireland’s first analogue mobile phones in the 1980s and 1990s.

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