Fibre-optic networks surpass ADSL

4 Apr 2007

Company officials at NTT have revealed that fibre-optic networks have overtaken ADSL lines as NTT’s most popular broadband internet access method. According to the telco, ADSL subscribers fell for the first time since the introduction of ADSL in 2000, down 360,000 in the last year to 5.32 million. Meanwhile, during the same period 2.66 million fibre-optic users were added, taking the total to 6.08 million. The Japanese giant hopes to sign up 30 million subscribers to its fibre-optic networks by 2010, with 3.4 million coming in this fiscal year alone. At the end of 2006 NTT held a 67.5% share of the country’s fibre-optic market.

Japan, NTT (NTT East & NTT West)