Telecom denies ‘two-finger salute’

3 Apr 2007

A statement by a Telecom New Zealand executive which claims that local loop unbundling (LLU) is still sixteen months away has sparked an angry reaction from rival operators. TelstraClear says the statement to the New Zealand Herald by Matt Crockett, head of Telecom’s wholesale division, was a ‘two-finger salute’ to the country’s consumers. TelstraClear chief executive Allan Freeth says that Mr Crockett’s comments on the LLU timeframe show that Telecom is still looking to ‘further delay the delivery of new services to customers,’ reports the National Business Review. Telecom denied the claims that it was dragging its heels, saying: ‘Even on the timetables we’re working to at the moment, it will be one of the fastest deliveries of local loop unbundling in the world.’

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