Regulator cuts Deutsche Telekom’s unbundling fee

2 Apr 2007

The German regulator, Bundesnetzagentur, has announced that the price incumbent telco Deutsche Telekom (DT) can charge rivals for using its network between exchanges and homes and businesses is to be cut by 1.4% to EUR10.50 (USD14) from EUR10.65. DT, which leased 4.7 million fixed lines to competitors at the end of 2006, had wanted a rise to EUR12.03, arguing it had to compensate for high staff costs. The VATM Industry Association, which represents DT’s rivals including Arcor and United Internet, had hoped for a cut to below EUR10, saying that the local loop unbundling fee in Italy, Holland and Denmark was under EUR9. The new fee will apply for two years.

Germany, Deutsche Telekom (DT)