VTR selects Motorola to deploy 802.16e WiMAX network

29 Mar 2007

Motorola has announced that it has been selected by Chilean cableco VTR to deploy its 802.16e WiMAX network. In December 2005 VTR won a licence to offer wireless broadband communications in regions I through IX and the Metropolitan Region. ‘We are the pioneers in broadband, leaders in ´triple play´ services and the first to launch cable digital television and video on demand service in the country. With our Wi-Fi media campaign we are increasing the use of Wi-Fi in Chile, and with the deployment of this WiMAX network we will be ahead of the Chilean technology market,’ said Mauricio Ramos, VTR’s CEO. The network is expected to be ready by March 2008. ’WiMAX technology will allow us to provide telecommunication services in those places where we currently do not have service. It will allow us to potentially reach 3.4 million homes, which means that VTR will be able to have 80% coverage in the country,’ said Ramos.

Chile, Motorola, VTR