China Telecom net profit rises 4.9%

26 Mar 2007

China Telecom, the People’s Republic’s largest fixed line telco, has reported a 4.9% increase in net income in 2006 to CNY22.2 billion, while sales rose 4.7% to CNY170.1 billion. China Telecom reported that net income including connection fees of CNY4.97 billion fell 2.6% to CNY27.1 billion from CNY27.9 billion a year earlier. China Telecom added 12.95 million fixed-line users (including those to its limited mobility ‘Little Smart’ service), during 2006, to take its total to 223.04 million, though additions were down from the 23.4 million added in 2005. China Telecom gained 7.3 million broadband users in 2006 to take its total to 28.3 million: the company added another 1.47 million broadband users in the first two months this year.

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