StarHub unveils pfingo platform

22 Mar 2007

Singaporean telecoms operator StarHub has launched a three-month trial for a group of 30 users to test its innovative mobile service platform pfingo. Unveiled in a press briefing, StarHub claims the new pfingo platform is not tied to any specific operator or handset, meaning any user – including those for MobileOne and SingTel – will be able to register for the service once it is launched. By signing up to the pfingo portal, users get to pick a new number prefixed with ‘3’ (rather than the current ‘9’ or ‘8’) which then forms the core of their pfingoTALK service. pfingoTALK works regardless of the user’s location, allowing them to call other pfingoTALK users for free when connected to a Wi-Fi network, and any other domestic number for a fixed monthly rate. StarHub is also offering two more products in the pfingo stable: pfingoACTIVE and pfingoMAIL. It says the new service will address the problem of high data charges for using GPRS and UMTS networks, although it is yet to reveal the price plans it intends to use for the new service.

Singapore, StarHub