O2 and Alcatel-Lucent complete UMTS/HSDPA-900 network deployment on the Isle of Man

16 Mar 2007

Alcatel-Lucent and Manx Telecom, a wholly owned subsidiary of O2, have announced they have successfully completed the first UMTS and HSDPA network deployment using the 900MHz spectrum on the Isle of Man. During the six-month trial the companies leveraged the lower frequency to extend UMTS voice and HSDPA data coverage and measured the benefits of deploying UMTS at 900 MHz using Alcatel-Lucent’s UMTS/HSDPA base station products. A scanner supplied by Rhode & Shwartz was used to measure UMTS-900 against UMTS-2100 and GSM-900 for indoor and outdoor coverage.

Deploying UMTS/HSDPA technology in the 900MHz spectrum can help mobile operators cost-effectively deliver UMTS/HSDPA services because the lower frequency provides an important increase in base station coverage, significantly reducing, by 60% in the Isle of Man trial, the number of sites required for rural coverage. Additionally, it enables better signal penetration for in-building coverage, 30% better than with 2100MHz and can reach 40% in deep indoor penetration. The trial also proved that the HSDPA throughput could increase by as much as 10%, raising overall network capacity by around 5%. Another critical finding was the ability of the network to hand over calls between base stations operating at different frequencies.

United Kingdom, Alcatel-Lucent, Manx Telecom, O2 UK