Telecom Argentina releases FY2006 results

9 Mar 2007

Telecom Argentina (TA), the Buenos Aires based former wireline monopoly, has announced operating profits for 2006 of ARS912 million (USD294.2 million), up 81% compared to 2005. Total revenues in 2006 reached ARS7.4 billion, an improvement of 30% year-on-year. There were subscriber increases in each of cellular, broadband and fixed line operations amounting to 41%, 102% and 4% respectively during the year. Net income was ARS244 million, down 82% on 2005’s figure of ARS1.3 billion. However the figures are not directly comparable because of a one-off gain of ARS1.4 billion made in 2005 as a result of TA closing its debt restructuring process. Fixed telephony ARPU fell a peso year-on-year to ARS39, while cellular ARPU climbed 11% to ARS40.

Argentina, Telecom Argentina (incl. Cablevision)