Belgium to force broadband providers to cut charges

9 Mar 2007

The Belgian government will take steps to force high speed internet providers to cut charges, following the publication of a comparative study of prices across Europe, Belgian newspapers De Standaard and De Tijd are reporting. The study, carried out by British research group Analysys, was conducted on behalf of the government and compared high speed internet charges in Belgium to those in other EU countries. The research group looked at deals offered by Belgacom, Scarlet, Telenet, Voo, Tele2, and UPC. While De Tijd said Belgium had as many players in the market as other comparable countries, the market is less attractive for newcomers than markets in other countries, with alternative providers such as Tele2 and Scarlet seeing their market share rise much slower than new players in other countries. Finance Minister Marc Verwilghen will now order the Belgian telecoms watchdog BIPT to analyse the broadband market. He said charges will be corrected ‘where necessary’.