KDDI, Fujitsu developing amplifier for mobile WiMAX

5 Mar 2007

Japanese communications group KDDI has teamed up with local equipment vendor Fujitsu to jointly develop a high-efficiency amplifier for mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005). The new amplifier project is a result of joint development efforts which Fujitsu and KDDI started in May 2006 to work on a mobile WiMAX-applicable high-efficiency amplifier. The deployment of this new amplifier technology is expected to reduce the size and power requirements of outdoor base stations by roughly half compared to conventional amplifiers, enabling a significant reduction in equipment space requirements and the downsizing of back-up batteries, and thereby making a major contribution to reducing the costs of constructing base stations for mobile phone carriers when they begin to deploy mobile WiMAX.

Japan, Fujitsu, KDDI (au)