Motorola demands minutes of meeting for BSNL contract

27 Feb 2007

Motorola has urged the Delhi High Court to order Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to provide the minutes of a meeting that ended in the award of a INR20 billion GSM expansion contract to Ericsson and Nokia last October. In a petition Motorola, which had tied up with Chinese company ZTE to bid for the contract, alleged that BSNL had deliberately omitted it from the financial bidding process held on 7 October, fearing a supposed security threat from China. In an order dated 2 November, the court ordered the government to not award the contract to Ericsson and Nokia until the litigation had been dealt with.

After opening the financial bids Ericsson emerged as the lowest bidder for the 45.5 million line tender, followed by Finnish telecom giant Nokia. If BSNL’s decision is allowed by the court to stand, the Swedish company will bag the contract for supplying 60% of the equipment, while Nokia would get the remainder.