Catalonian government to test Mobile WiMAX using Alvarion’s BreezeMAX

20 Feb 2007

Alvarion has announced that the Catalonian government will use its BreezeMAX system to extend advanced broadband services throughout the state. Building on its prior WiMAX deployments, the government of the autonomous region of Spain hopes to ensure that all its citizens can access broadband services. The project will be carried out by the Centre for Information and Communication Technologies (CTTI). Previously, local operator Iberbanda – which was awarded a broadband contract by the Catalonia government in 2004 – had used Alvarion’s BreezeMAX system to roll out broadband to the Catalonian regions of Tarragona and Lleida. And with that project exceeding all expectations, Iberbanda is now extending broadband services to both rural and suburban areas in the two other Catalonian regions of Girona and Barcelona.

Spain, Alvarion