Vodafone to invest over EUR100 million in German network

16 Feb 2007

Vodafone Germany’s head of technical operations, Hartmut Kremling, has said that his company will be investing more than EUR100 million in its mobile network during 2007. The money will go on implementing a new EDGE standard for mobile broadband transmission, improving the reach of high-bandwidth services from 80% to 90% of the network, and speed up its UMTS service to 3.6Mbps in all 2,000 German cities where it is offered. Herr Kremling said, ‘Rollout has already begun and we aim to complete the conversion in the second half of 2007.’ He also said that Vodafone Germany would be interested in the new UMTS frequencies the regulator intends to auction at the end of the year. Vodafone ended 2006 with 30.6 million subscribers in Germany, around 35% of the market.

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