Taiwan offers WiMAX licences

14 Feb 2007

Taiwan’s telecoms regulator, the National Communications Commission (NCC), says it will auction six regional WiMAX concessions at the end of June. Three licences will cover the north of the country and three will cover the south, with spectrum being offered in the 2.5GHz-2.69GHz band. Licence applicants will first be screened by the NCC before qualified candidates can submit open bids. The bids will be for the annual franchise fee as a percentage of operational revenue from the preceding year, with 1.5% set as the minimum level. The concessions are valid for six years and winning bidders agree to pay franchise fees of at least TWD20 million (USD605,000) in the first year, TWD30 million in the second year and TWD40 million each year thereafter, DigiTimes reports. Mergers between licence holders will be permitted, giving winners the opportunity to create a national footprint. The regulator says it has also reserved spectrum for a national WiMAX licence, although this will not be issued until mid-2009 at the earliest it says. More information on the WiMAX industry can be found in TeleGeography’s WiMAX Market Tracking Service.