BT Ireland racks up close to EUR1 billion in losses

14 Feb 2007

BT Group’s Irish subsidiary, BT Ireland, has amassed losses of almost EUR1 billion (USD1.29 billion) since it entered the market, reports Irish news journal, citing official figures just registered at the Companies Office. The figures will increase speculation that the parent company will soon conduct a review of its ‘over-staffed’ business, which employs over 3,000 people but which is struggling to compete with incumbent eircom – especially in the residential segment. Unconfirmed sources suggest that BT is preparing to reconsider its position in the market, particularly concerning the provision of residential fixed voice and broadband services. Any decision to pull out of the consumer market would be a blow to the wider industry which only recently saw another smaller firm, Magnet Networks, announcing its decision not to participate in LLU via DSL-based broadband services.

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