Regulator publishes 3G licence details

13 Feb 2007

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has released information regarding the 3G licences it plans to auction later this year. The auction is restricted to limited liability companies, incorporated in Nigeria, who are already licensed as network operators by the NCC. The reserve price of each concession has been set at USD150 million, and a 10% deposit will be required. The NCC has made 40MHz of spectrum available in the 2GHz band, as four paired blocks of 10MHz with pairs separated by a 90MHz spacing, as follows:

Block A: 1920MHz-1930MHz paired with 2110MHz-2120MHz

Block B: 1930MHz-1940MHz paired with 2120MHz-2130MHz

Block C: 1940MHz-1950MHz paired with 2130MHz-2140MHz

Block D: 1950MHz-1960MHz paired with 2140MHz-2150MHz

The closing date for interested parties to register is 16 February, with the application and USD15 million deposit required by 16 March. The auction itself has been slated for the week commencing 2 April.