Orange UK Launches HSDPA

13 Feb 2007

Orange UK has announced the launch of its HSDPA network. Dubbed Orange 3G+, the network upgrade is being initially concentrated on key commercial zones such as Greater London and airports. The service will be rolled out to the top five cities in the country during 2007. Customers have a wide choice of the 3G+ enabled devices and Business Everywhere mobile office cards including: Sierra Wireless 850, the current Option 3G/EDGE card and the Fujitsu Lifebook E: Laptop with embedded 3G+. ‘Mobile broadband is designed to increase the productivity of our customers, wherever they happen to be working,’ said Neil Laider, VP of Orange Business Services. ’3G+ provides faster response times and enhances applications where bigger file downloads or faster data streaming is required. For example, a 3MB PowerPoint presentation will typically take just 34 seconds to download using Orange 3G+ compared with 20 minutes via GPRS. Customers with 3G+ enabled mobile office cards will notice these benefits as 3G+ is rolled out across the network’.

United Kingdom, EE