Nokia, SFR conduct W-CDMA 900MHz voice call

12 Feb 2007

French mobile network operator SFR and Nokia of Finland have been conducting trials of voice calls in the 900MHz band on the cellco’s W-CDMA/HSDPA network. Nokia supplied SFR with its Flexi WCDMA Base Station equipment and a prototype W-CDMA 900 mobile device to carry out the test. The Nokia Flexi W-CDMA Base Station and Nokia Flexi Multiradio Combiner enable SFR to share its existing GSM-900 cell sites, with the W-CDMA 3G network. The 900MHz band can provide a larger coverage area than the more commonly available 2GHz band, thus reducing network rollout costs (an important consideration in more rural areas). The frequency band also offers improved radio signal propagation characteristics which improves the availability of 3G services indoors.

France, Nokia, SFR