3 claims best 3G coverage

6 Feb 2007

Wireless network operator 3 has announced that its 3G network now covers 90% of the UK population, giving it a comfortable lead on its rivals. 3 UK launched in March 2003, and has installed 7,250 base stations across the country. Since 2005 the rollout has been managed in conjunction with Ericsson, which is responsible for the management, operation and performance of the network and its underlying IT infrastructure. The closest competitor to 3 in terms of 3G coverage is Orange, which covers 85% of the UK population. Vodafone covers ‘nearly 80%’, a figure that T-Mobile aims to hit by the end of this year having achieved 70% by the end of 2006. The poorest 3G coverage is that of O2, at little more than 60%. 3 aims to roll out HSDPA technology across its network by the end of 2007.

United Kingdom, Hutchison 3G UK (Three UK)