Macedonia selects Austrian Mobilkom as third mobile operator

5 Feb 2007

The government of Macedonia has approved Mobilkom’s bid to become the country’s third mobile operator, according to reports from the Associated Press. The Austrian firm was the sole company to submit a bid on the tender, offering EUR10 million (USD13 million) for the third licence. It has promised to slash prices by up to 67% and create 300 new jobs. Under the licence rules, the new operator must launch services within six months of being granted the licence.

In December last year the government announced that its tender for the third mobile network operator licence was well under way. At the time, it said that four domestic companies had been joined by nine international firms in expressing interest in the concession. The state announced plans for the tender in November 2006, and said soon after that bids were being taken until 12 January 2007, with the successful bidder expected to launch by July.

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