J:COM reports 22.7% rise in subscribers

24 Jan 2007

Japanese multiple system operator (MSO) Jupiter Telecommunications (J:COM) has reported that the number of subscribing households served by its 24 managed franchises reached 2.62 million at the end of December 2006, up 485,700, or 22.7% on the year earlier. At the same date the MSO had more than 2.19 million taking cable TV services (of which 1.13 million were digital), 1.15 million broadband users, and 1.17 million telephony customers. The company has attributed part of the growth to the addition of its new franchise Cable West Inc, which became a consolidated subsidiary at the end of September last year. Combined revenue generating units (RGUs) for cable television, high speed internet access and telephony services reached 4.52 million, up 22.8% year-on-year, while the bundle ratio (the average number of services received per subscribing household) was unchanged at 1.72.

Japan, J:COM (Jupiter Telecom)